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Discover How Our B2B Clients Are Hitting 3-6X Revenue AND

Double Digit Profits

Without Getting Frustrated With "Hope-To-Achieve" Forecasts, Uncertain Cashflow and "One-Size-Fit-All" Advices From Business Preachers

The Founder's Way

The Guaranteed Action Plan To Turbocharge Frameworks and Systems in

7 Business Critical Areas Customized For YOUR BUSINESS FAST!

“After analysis, we were amazed to see how much money we were losing with the wrong clients. Over a period, we slowly came out and the huge impact on the bottom-line was visible. It also helped increase focus on important clients.”

Manu S., Tech Entrepreneur

"If you are looking for a really experienced professional that will help you move your business from where it is to where you want it to be, Rajneesh is your best choice. He knows the subject, practical constraints of a startup and ground real simple yet powerful GTM strategies."

Patrick E., Tech Entrepreneur

Before You Know More About "The Founder's Way"..


Do you have some months when you are flooded with business then followed by dry months, an unpredictable “feast-and-famine scenario”?

Is it painful for you to see the lack of ownership & accountability even among the cofounders? (and everyone feels that they are working and contributing most?)

Do you get physically and emotionally drained and exhausted every time you want to execute new initiatives and growth plans but you helplessly watch them dying to slow death?

You know few control freaks are holding org growth to ransom but the personal & professional relationships are mixed up. Though you want to, do you find it tough to question them?

Are you always under perpetual anxiety, scared of, if the worst could happen to your business and you won't know how to face, handle and overcome them?

Are you sick and tired of seeing other entrepreneurs getting better results while you keep spinning the wheels?

Do you often feel suffocated – slave of your own employees & business with no tangible/intangible visible motivation to drive?

and there are many more..

its time to get uncomfortable.. time to face the truth..


First Of All


The real problem is the fact that you've been lied to for years and these lies are keeping you from building a predictable, profitable and matured organization.

You are made to believe that there is no way one can prepare to face business challenges and one has to


just to see success in overcoming these razor sharp problems.

Maybe you are one of those people, just like I was (I used to believe this!)


You know something?

That's NOT TRUE...

You've been bombarded for years by misinformation perpetuated from some self-interested industry influencers...




Discover the secrets YOU MUST know, that most "Business Gurus" don't want you to know...

The Founder's Way is for you to discover different challenges you will face as a business owner in practice.

We all know about the great life we saw people live on Instagram, the perfect picture of success and achievement, but, issues and struggles are not highlighted.

When you are already in a tough situation, it is too late.

Know The TRUTH about how To Build A Sustainable Long Term Business... even if You are Overwhelmed By Everything On The Plate Now, From Sales, To Employees, To Cashflow, To Demanding Big Clients To The Marketing!


Condense Business Challenges into 7 Strategic Areas

Focus Area 1 : The Founder's Invisible Wall

Discover what is this invisible barrier no one talks about yet most entrepreneurs struggle against, obstructing business growth. When you do this exercise now, you break through these invisible walls, stopping you as an individual and your business, reaching next level of growth.

Focus Area 2 : Painting Your Cow Purple

When the market is full of white cows, how do you make yourself visible? Brainstorm and find out how you can carve your unique place as a market leader in your industry while adding massive value to your clients. When you do this now, you are far ahead of your competitors.

Focus Area 3 : Cofounders’ Accountability Framework

Its critical for you to develop, design and enforce a professional accountability framework clearly defining the roles each founder will play without hot discussions and boardroom wars. Implement Now.

Focus Area 4 : Navy Seal Simulation

Understand & simulate the best, most-likely and worst-case BUSINESS Scenarios and you will never helplessly firefight unexpected and unpredictable challenges. Sail through every storm with confidence and preparedness

Focus Area 5 : Business Skills Upgrade

Learning and knowledge is new literacy and currency, isn't it?

Discover what should be the minimum basic skills you need to drive your team and business. Analyze the important areas and strengthen your muscles.

Focus Area 6 : Convincing The Investors

Know and prepare now for what exactly do VCs or investors expect.

Its combination of dynamic factors but when you are prepared thoroughly, you enhance chances of winning the hearts and wallet.

Answer these Qs to prepare & get $$ you need.

Focus Area 7 : Leadership (Results + Accountability) Culture

Whether you are a startup or running your business for years, how do you want your business to be seen by the world? How do you discover, identify and freeze on these Values? Start this exercise now for long term rock solid culture.


If You Could Avoid / Minimize Critical Business Mistakes, Wouldn’t YOU?

Avoiding critical business mistakes will propel your business to the next level, but ONLY IF YOU ARE AWARE!

The typical entrepreneur is fighting with all their strength to get their business off the ground and avoid hitting any obstacle whatsoever.

We converted such real challenges, practical situations, and different business circumstances to POWERFUL questions.

The goal is to push you to a place where you have no choice but to “take the bull by the horns”, and answer these scenario and situation based queries which you cannot procrastinate over for too long.

Today they are mere harmless questions, tomorrow they may turn into horrific unmanageable situations.

Most importantly, with this field guide you can acquire a fail-safe practical approach that has made $100m+ in tech business.

About Rajneesh Jain - More than two decades of terrific track record in Technology Products & Solution Sales, Rajneesh has been instrumental in building technology business for IBM, Sun, Oracle, Ingram from ground zero to multi-$m, multiple times (~$100m+). Consulted 100s of technology startups and growing companies, worked with 100+ entrepreneurs globally, thousands of sales professionals, conducted numerous workshops. He has also authored Amazon Best Seller - 125 Sales Tactics. He is known for results driven "no-fluf" approach.

"Its not an eBook."

"It's the virtual mentor with the exact approach you can start implementing today to build frameworks and systems to achieve business goals.

It’s based on decades of field sales experience, working with real entrepreneurs and countless professionals and how you can focus on the 20% critical to produce results you DESIRE and DESERVE." - Rajneesh Jain, Authorpreneur

This radically simple yet effective “The Founder’s Way” System will work for you, EVEN IF:

> You are just thinking of starting but wish to know what you are getting into

> You are a startup founder and aspire to have a systematic approach to grow

> You have been running business for years, and you have a system, team and strategies in place in some shape and form but fed up with daily fire-fight

> You believe that the best strategy is to face and learn from "as-and-when-it-comes" approach

> You are just starting and yet to figure out the nuts and bolts

> Attended multiple webinars, workshops, boot-camps and firmly believe that is all waste of time

> And even if you believe you've seen and tried everything!

To save your time, let us be upfront and tell you what “The Founder’s Way” is NOT

X Ready made solutions, answers and recipes of business success, because there are none

X Quick-fix over night results system

X Its not any Magic Pill

X It is very Simple but it doesn't Mean "Push Button Instant”

But THIS is as EASY as it gets...

As it allows you the fastest way to first know the challenges that you would face, then push you to find out YOUR ANSWERS

Wait, There’s More!

Some of you might need handholding...

Here's how we will compliment the efforts of ACTION TAKERS..

Lifetime Online Community Access

Grow your professional network by joining the likeminded community of entrepreneurs, build your network, share your challenges/success and get inspired. Will have access to some exclusive cutting edge strategies and tactics that's giving results.

4 Weekends Q&A (Zoom/G+/Skype/ Online)

When you implement, you may have queries. Ask/ just shoot a mail and get answers to your queries.

30-Day Email Support

Need any help, just shoot a mail and get answers to your queries.

Quarter Business Planning & Review Cook Book For Entrepreneurs & Sales Leaders

Get the proven templates to plan & execute

Access "5-Shifts To Add 50-75 or More High End Prospects On Autopilot" - Web-session

Get to know how to realistically make these 5 shifts and implement the modern handsfree Hybrid Prospecting method

Strategy Call (limited to first 25)

A 30-45 min call to discuss your plans, challenges and how we can serve you.

This is WHY We Do What We Do...

Few Clients For Your Reference...

Manu S., Tech Entrepreneur

“After clients database analysis, we were amazed to see how much money we were losing with the wrong clients. Over a period, we slowly came out and the huge impact on the bottom-line was visible. It also helped increase focus on important clients, and get more profitable business, Win-Win.”

Catherine L, CMO

“Our leads to proposal conversion increased from 8-10% to 40%+. Field sales performance multiplied."

Mukul M, Tech Entrepreneur

" Controlled aggression, along with systematic approach to build an accountability system, can come only from years of field experience."

Anand V., Tech Entrepreneur

" Rajneesh was instrumental in our organisation sales process transformation and he has helped us with restructuring, developing applications (including mobile sales app and analytics) and, systems to measure various parameters to aid business growth."

Jose P., Tech Sales Leader

"Within 6-8 weeks we could clearly see the tangible difference in the attitude of our sales force. Within a quarter, most of the team members started hitting 100%+."

N.K. Mehta, Tech Entrepreneur

"Like a trusted adviser, he worked closely with our organization and patiently help building & operating simple sales processes. Focus, the shift in the mindset of the people and organization culture is massive and, results are tangible."

P. Raju, Tech Entrepreneur

"We started working with Rajneesh to restructure our approach to the market. He did thorough analysis, and helped us changing our sales strategies, without disturbing the on-going business. His simple Target Account Methodology (TAM) helped us to leverage our strengths and earn more value from ‘low-hanging fruit’ with existing customers. "

Kumar S, Tech Entrepreneur

"Tremendous change in the work culture with focus on individual performance in-alignment with the overall org growth plans."

Nithya, Tech Business lead

“Systematic approach to revenue and profitability goals gives us sense of direction & confidence to achieve, irrespective of what the goals are. I would highly recommend Corem & Rajneesh."

Syed W., Tech Sales Leader

"Rajneesh has delivered a transformed team that is now a group of champions. Great work, great vision."

Chirag S, Tech Entrepreneur

" Rajneesh is a true innovator and professional in his field. He has brought in an endless amount of revenue and customers to every single business and client he has helped. "

Natalie Daniel, Business Owner

"Very easy to communicate my marketing needs to. He understood my needs and was one step ahead with his marketing support for my business needs."

A. Mirza, Tech Entrepreneur

" I highly recommend him for his technical strategies and scaling prowess.We have used the strategies within our business, that he is an expert on and have had huge success."

Patrick E., Tech Entrepreneur

"If you are looking for a really experienced professional that will help you move your business from where it is to where you want it to be, Rajneesh is your best choice. He knows the subject, practical constraints of a startup and ground real simple yet powerful GTM strategies."

Francisco O., Tech Entrepreneur

“Integration of simple tools, restructuring, shifting focus on tight control on the sales ops and new initiatives are transforming our work culture. ”

Chris H., Global Influencer

"Rajneesh, is an amazing professional with an eye for results! An incredible asset as a mentor, a leader, and on any team. Truly powerful and committed to the larger cause!"

Alok S, Entrepreneur

" He is self motivated, and puts in tremendous energy to deliver on his goals. "

Worried If This Would Work For You or Not? You Don't Have To...

Implement Risk-Free For 90 Days Or Get Your Money Back!

The Founder's Way is an effort to serve those entrepreneurs who just need pointers, understanding of the critical areas, the challenges they are going through or are most likely to face, committed to take action and work hard, face & be ready with the answers and persevere to implement best practices.

The system is proven to produce results for those who take action with consistency and discipline.

However, if you don’t get any results, you don’t have to be on the losing side! We want you to be successful, and that's where our success is. Even after making efforts and support from our side the system fails to give you results, you can ask us for a 100% refund within 90 days of your order!

And that’s a promise we won’t break!

ALERT : Due to the nature of the offering, we can serve only a few.


Once The SPOTS ARE FILLED, we will have no choice but to modify the offering. We may remove all the complimentary add-ons.

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